1. Fund overview (Further information available here)
2. Important information and downloads (Further information available here)
3. Awards (Further information available here)
4. Share classes (Further information available here)
5. Risk notice (Further information available here)


1. Fund overview

Enjoy the benefits:

  • Investment in the healthcare sector, a long-term growth market
  • Opportunities for high returns by concentrating on innovative small and mid caps
  • Active selection of securities based on innovative strength and share price potential
  • Collaboration with acknowledged experts in the healthcare sector

Limit the risks:

  • Fund portfolio assembled with care
  • Focus on companies with market-ready or close-to-market products
  • Risks spread broadly across various companies and sub-segments of the health sector.
  • Currency-hedged tranches available

The Medical BioHealth is an investment fund authorised for public distribution in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and Switzerland that focuses on investing in listed companies that can generate high growth through the development and marketing of innovative products and therapies.

The fund concentrates on companies in the growing healthcare market that are not threatened by patent expiries and the associated loss of turnover, but are in fact demonstrating strong value growth dynamics through innovation. These are predominantly small and medium-sized companies (small and mid caps) whose potential has not yet been discovered by the market. Investment decisions are guided by neither the mass market nor any index but are based in all cases on rigorous individual analyses of each company.

The fund’s approach is to provide long-term support for selected companies when they are growing most strongly because it is only over the long term that companies can develop their potential to the full. In doing so, the broadest possible spread is pursued and the weightings are based on opportunity/risk assessments. In addition to intensive scrutiny and analysis, successful investment in the healthcare sector requires a good deal of patience and perseverance. Consequently, it is only strategic investors who take a long-term approach that are able to take advantage of this strong potential.

The segment can be subject to greater fluctuations than the broad stock market. All investors opting for this fund should be aware of this. Since the fund invests primarily in US companies, it also incurs currency risks. These can, however, be mitigated to a large extent by investing in a currency-hedged tranche.

Shares in the fund can be acquired as a lump-sum investment or as part of a savings plan from all banks, fund platforms and financial service providers and through the stock market. Shares may only be acquired on the basis of the current sales prospectus, which is available on this site and elsewhere. The prospectus lists in detail the investment objectives and investment policy, fees and expenses, risks and other important information about the fund.


2. Important information and downloads

Latest factsheets with monthly report:

Medical BioHealth EUR (share class for private investors)

Medical BioHealth EUR H (share class for private investors, currency hedged)

Medical BioHealth I (share class for institutional investors)

Medical BioHealth S (old name: I H) (share class for institutional investors – currency hedged)



3. Awards

  • Sauren Golden Awards 2014
    3 goldmedals for Dr. Michael Fischer excellent fund management in the category “Stocks Biotechnology”, September 2014
  • Sauren Golden Awards 2013
    3 goldmedals for Dr. Michael Fischer excellent fund management in the category “Stocks Biotechnology”, September 2013
  • Sauren_Golden Awards_2012
    3 goldmedals for Dr. Michael Fischer excellent fund management in the category “Stocks Biotechnology”, September 2012

4. Share classes

  • For private investors (no minimum investment)
MEDICAL BioHealth EURLU0119891520


  • For institutional investors (minimum investment 100,000 Euro)

(institutional, currency-hedged)

For foundations without minimum amount

Distribution of 5% p.a. is targeted.


6. Risk notice

Investment funds are subject to fluctuations in value, which can have a negative impact on your investment. The specific risks depend on the investment strategy of the respective investment fund and are described in the information regarding the investment fund.

This information cannot replace a consultation. The sole binding bases for the purchase of investment funds are the key investor information, sales brochures and reports for the investment fund. These documents are available on this website under point 2 Important Information and Downloads (link).