Portfolio management

Medical Strategy is a portfolio management company that specialises in investments in the healthcare sector. Its specific objective is to identify innovations in the healthcare sector at an early stage and to achieve above-average results for investors over the long term by investing in low-valued but growing companies. Our team is continuously analysing and tracking listed companies in all relevant investment segments of the healthcare sector, including pharma, emerging pharma, biotechnology, healthcare services, medical technology and generics. We focus particularly on small, still undiscovered stocks. More than 800 companies are systematically documented in an internal database. In-house researchers and external analysts are constantly adding to this information base.

Investment process – stock picking
Investment decisions are based on a rigorous selection procedure that has been tried and tested over many years:


  1. The right companies… > STOCK PICKING
  2. … at the right price … > VALUATION MODEL
  3. … at the right time … > TIMING

Our investment criteria

  • Level of innovation: Does the company have the potential to establish new standards in its field?
  • Level of development: Is the product sufficiently close-to-market for the opportunity/risk ratio to be accurately assessed?
  • Management and financing: Does the management have sufficient experience and is the company financed for at least 2 years? •Valuation: Does the current share price offer above-average growth potential relative to the fair valuation expected in 2 to 3 years’ time?

Our goal
To identify today the innovative therapies of tomorrow, to invest when valuations are low and to reduce risk by having a broadly diversified portfolio.

* Scientific advisory board

  • Prof. Dr. med. Peter Hohenberger: Head of the Department of Thoracic Surgery & Special Surgical Oncology at Mannheim University Hospital
  • Prof. Dr. med. Manfred Weber: Former Chief Physician at the City of Cologne Hospitals
  • Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Zeller: Chief Physician and Head of Angiology at the Heart Centre Bad Krozingen