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Medical Strategy is one of Europe's leading independent healthcare investment managers. The company focuses exclusively on managing and advising healthcare equity portfolios as part of its core competency.



Highly innovative segments of the healthcare market


Our team continuously analyzes and tracks listed companies in all relevant investment segments of the healthcare sector, such as pharmaceuticals, emerging pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare services, medical technology and generics. There is a traditional focus on innovative biotechnology and healthcare services.


Companies with high growth potential


A particular focus is on smaller, as yet undiscovered values. These companies are often characterized by the fact that their products are close to market launch or are new to the market. These companies offer investors high growth potential, as it is predominantly these so-called small and midcaps that develop new groundbreaking therapeutic approaches and thus shape the future of the "health" megatrend.



In-house database with over 900 companies


This information base is constantly expanded through in-house research and external special research. Over 900 companies are currently systematically documented in our in-house database.


Our values


Above-average growth potential


Focus on biotechnology