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With apoAsset and Medical Strategy, two innovative fund management companies complement each other. While Medical Strategy invests primarily in small and medium-sized innovative biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, apoAsset focuses on medical technology, digital health and service providers in the healthcare sector. Together, they have a unique competence network for health investments across Europe with more than 20 fund managers, scientific advisors and analysts. With apoBank and Deutsche Ärzteversicherung behind them, they are also particularly deeply anchored in the healthcare industry.

Together, we manage the apo Medical Opportunities fund - a fund that broadly covers the entire health care market.

Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG

For the apo Medical Opportunities fund, apoBank serves as distributor.

Hauck & Aufhäuser Fund Services S.A.

Since 2000, H&A has been our partner for fund management, administration and reporting for the MEDICAL BioHealth funds. The depositary and paying agent function is performed by Hauck & Aufhäuser Fund Services S.A. in Luxembourg.


HSBC INKA is one of the leading capital management companies in Germany. HSBC INKA has been our partner since the launch of apo Medical Opportunities Institutional.

IPConcept (Luxemburg) S.A.

For the apo Medical Opportunities fund, IPConcept as management company and DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. as custodian bank and paying, transfer and central administration agent have been our partners since Auflegung in 2005.


Association of Independent Asset Managers ("VuV") Germany

Medical Strategy joined the Association of Independent Asset Managers (VuV) in 2002 as its 47th member. The Verband unabhängiger Vermögensverwalter Deutschland (VuV) represents the interests of financial portfolio managers who are independent of banks. The most important concern of the VuV is to contribute to establishing independent asset managers as important partners on the capital market, to strengthen the contact and the exchange among the members, to develop an industry awareness and to be perceived positively by the public. This includes ensuring that financial portfolio managers are competent and independent in representing the interests of their clients. The members of the VuV have subjected themselves to a code of honor, which is intended to ensure a fair and open relationship with their clients. The association, which was founded on December 12, 1997 with seven members, currently has around 230 members. Further information is available at

VuV Ombudsstelle

The Association of Independent Asset Managers Germany e.V. (VuV) has established an arbitration board in accordance with the EU Directive No. 2013/11/EU of 21.5.2013 on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Disputes between consumers and members of the VuV in connection with financial services transactions are to be settled before the VuVOmbudsman in an out-of-court conciliation procedure. Medical Strategy is a member of the VuV and therefore affiliated with this arbitration board. In the event that a customer complaint cannot be resolved directly between the parties, this opens up the possibility for the customer to appeal to the conciliation body. The conciliation procedure is free of charge for the applicant. The address of the VuV ombudsman's office is: VuV-Ombudsstelle, Stresemannallee 30, 60596 Frankfurt am Main. Further information on the VuV ombudsman's office (including communication data, rules of procedure, application form) is available at


Kapitalforum Schwaben/Allgäu e.V.

Medical Strategy has been a member of Kapitalforum Schwaben/Allgäu e.V. since mid-2017. The purpose of the association is to promote education in the field of financial economics. It wants to give citizens as well as pupils and students answers to questions about money and assets in the current "new financial world" and thus raise the level of education. The aim is to raise awareness of the special profession of bank-independent asset managers licensed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Compensatory Fund of Securities Trading Companies (EdW)

Investors using investment services in Europe have been protected by the Investor Compensation Directive (Directive 97/9/EC) since 1997. Financial services institutions such as Medical Strategy are affiliated with the Compensatory Fund of Securities Trading Companies (EdW).



Medical Strategy has been licensed for financial portfolio management by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin ID: 112465) since 1998. In 2006/2007 the license was extended to the areas of investment consulting, investment and acquisition brokerage and proprietary business. Currently, the business area of financial portfolio management is actively operated as an external fund manager as well as investment consulting as an external fund advisor.